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Give your favorite foods some extra flavor without increasing your salt intake by using natural seasonings from Just Herbs of Abingdon, VA. For over 30 years, our spice company has provided customers with 200-plus culinary, high-quality herbs, seasonings, and very flavorful spices.

Our inventory includes natural, salt-free blends along with other products formulated for people with all sorts of dietary restrictions. In fact, we are very transparent about what is in our spice blends. We offer flavorful dips, teas, and high-quality vanilla beans in addition to our additive-free organic spices and spice blends.

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Make Some Veggie/Chip Dip for Your Next Party or Evening at Home.

of Salt-Free Blends.

Enjoy our Restaurant Quality Bread Dips Without Leaving Home.

Try our world renown Garlic 'N Just Herb Pepper. A salt-free blend that's good on everything!


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